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Long Island is a quaint island located in the south Bahamas. The peace and quiet of the islands is reminiscent of times past, often waiting for goats or chickens to cross the road. School children still walk to school. There are no stop lights or fast food to stumble across. The “southside” Caribbean beaches are long and lonely with only your party enjoying the seashells and gentle waves.

There is no need to stop over in Nassau. Arrange your flight to come straight through to Long Island. Leaving on the earliest flight possible and arriving in Nassau by noon or shortly after will ensure your ability to come straight to Long Island.” For assistance with flight schedules and airline phone numbers contact us.

There are many great places to stay in Long Island. Here are a few private homes to consider.

The Osprey’s Nest

The Osprey's Nest

White Cliff Estate

White Cliff Estate


Tranquilizing Long Island