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Tripadvisor Bahamas Discovery Quest

Discover the Beauty

of Long Island, Bahamas

with Bahamas Discovery Quest

Discover the Beauty

of Long Island, Bahamas

with Bahamas Discovery Quest

Bahamas Discovery Quest

Bahamas Outdoor Tours

Bahamas Discovery Quest is an outdoor tour company that offers exciting adventures to enjoy during a visit to Long Island, Bahamas. Long Island is located in the south Bahamas, just a short flight from Nassau, Bahamas, Ft. Lauderdale or Miami, Florida.

Sea Wild Life Safari

See a shark up close and personal. Watch a pod of Atlantic Spotted Dolphins play around the boat. Wonder where the green turtles are going as they come up for a quick gulp of air? Stingrays, conch and much more will keep you and your camera busy throughout the Safari. The Sea Wild Life Safari is a trip to remember for a lifetime. Add a cook out on the beach and snorkeling to make the day complete!
  • Bahamas Land Tour

    Long Island Land Tours

    Discover the hidden secrets of this beautiful island…
  • Deep sea fishing in Long Island

    Deep Sea Fishing

    Ocean Trolling for Sport Fish….
  • deep drop fishing in long island

    Deep Drop Fishing

    Ocean Fishing at 200 – 600 foot Depth.
  • reef fishing in long island

    Reef Fishing

    Reef Fish at 20-60 foot deep.
  • Bahamas sea wildlife safari

    Sea Wild Life Safari

    Search for Loggerhead Turtles, Green Turtles, Sting Rays, Manta Rays, Star Fish, Sharks, Sea Cucumbers, Conch…
  • snorkeling long island


    Snorkel the azure water on a beautiful reef! Experience marine life at arm’s reach and take home pictures to remember.
  • sponging long island


    Spend half the day snorkeling to cut sponge from the sea floor!
  • land sea adventure cookout long island

    Land and Sea Adventure Cookouts

    More about your Adventure Cook Out purchased with your Tour!
  • iguana tour bahamas

    Iguana Tour

    Awesome reptiles are one of a kind..wildlife species on the edge of extinction
  • Bahamas bird watching

    Bird Watching

    Long Island Birdwatching is an awesome experience!
  • crabbing long island bahamas


    This quest hunts down the elusive Black and White land crabs!
  • bahamas seashell and sea glass hunt

    Seashell and Sea Glass Hunt

    This Bahamas Discovery Quest Tour includes scouring secluded beaches for sea shells and sea glass.
  • coastal hiking bahamas

    Coastal Hiking

    This quest takes you hiking along coastal beaches that are rarely traveled by anyone.
  • lionfish hunt long island

    Lionfish Hunt

    An invasive species in the Caribbean, the Lionfish, now thrives and is quickly claiming it’s kingdom in the waters of the Bahamas.
  • camping trip bahamas

    Camping On A Secluded Cay

    Camping at its best! Secluded cays just off the coast…
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