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Long Island

Adventure Holidays on Long Island in the Bahamas

Long Island is one of the 14 inhabited “Out Islands” or “Family Islands” of the Bahamas. It lies in the mid-south range of the archipelago of the 700 islands of the Bahamas. Long Island is approximately 80 miles long and its widest point is 3.75 miles. The Tropic of Cancer crosses Long Island. The gulf stream warms the ocean in winter and trade winds cools its shores in summer to create the perfect climate. Average temperatures are 83 degrees and can drop to the low 60’s from December through mid February.

Long Island is an abundance of peace…the people are friendly and down to earth. We have no “cities” or towering hotels. Tourism has not overtaken the island. Everyone here is happy to meet visitors and assist them if they can. There are no stoplights or fast food restaurants. There are small quaint souvenir shops with native crafts…no previously purchased gifts found in these shops! We have our own Library and Museum, many caves and plantations that represent our heritage. The geography is breathtaking with the Caribbean side having many soft, white sandy beaches with calm waters rolling in. While the north or Atlantic side crashes hard against a rocky shore line. Both are beautiful in their own form.

Long Island represents the true culture and warmth of the Bahamas as a nation. Looking past the glitter of Nassau… Long Island upholds the roots from which all Bahamians have sprung. Peas n rice, plaiting palm top, crabbing with black torch, striking at night along the ocean shore, setting fish pots, deep sea and reef fishing, bone fishing, farming, building and racing sailboats, honesty and hard work. These attributes along with many more are the Bahamian people and all of these can be experienced on Long Island! These are our roots!

Of all that Long Island has to offer, our rich history, the beautiful beaches and ocean, the tropical palms, the mouth watering food, the small highway and settlements…out of all these….the true jewel is our people. They are warm, helpful and kind. Come and experience island life and Discover for yourself the beauty of Long Island.